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Dropbear update (XPort Pro)

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  • Dropbear update (XPort Pro)

    I need to update the version of dropbear on XPort Pro. The current version is (a very old) 0.52 - even in the latest SDK.
    I modified the build to use the latest source, and it compiles fine and sort of works - however not very well. The connection/login time is very long compared with the SDK version, and it seems to fail/struggle with additional connections and/or closing and re-opening.
    I see there's quite a few edits to the 0.52 source in the SDK [who is 'NSS'??] - but I'm unclear which of these are vital for operation on XPort Pro. Are any of the mods now in the latest dropbear source anyway?
    Has anyone managed to get a newer version running successfully?