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XPort Edge: Web API for Factory Reset

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  • mariano
    That is the correct syntax. I just verified this on my XPort EDGE:

    $ curl --anyauth -u admin:PASSWORD -X POST -d "group=Device&action=Factory Defaults"
    <?xml version="1.0" standalone="yes"?>
    <!-- Automatically generated XML -->
    <!DOCTYPE function [
       <!ELEMENT function (return)>
       <!ELEMENT return (result,message+)>
       <!ELEMENT result (#PCDATA)>
       <!ELEMENT message (#PCDATA)>
       <!ATTLIST function version CDATA #IMPLIED>
    <function version = "">
          <message>WARNING: Rebooting for factory defaults...</message>
    Are you using curl in a Linux shell (either Linux host, or cygwin/mingw in Windows)? Sometimes when using it from the Command Prompt in Windows it can cause trouble as the Command Prompt will process certain things before sending to curl.


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  • igough
    started a topic XPort Edge: Web API for Factory Reset

    XPort Edge: Web API for Factory Reset

    The Edge UG section on Factory Reset shown below seems to indicate that I can send the following for a factory reset:

    $ curl --digest -u admin:PASSWORD -X POST -d "group=Device&action=Factory Defaults"

    This does not cause a factory reset and returns: "curl: (52) Empty reply from server"

    Does anybody have any idea as to what the correct syntax is to force a factory reset of the Edge?