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  • Xpico 200 Release Notes History

    Where can I find all firmware release notes since

    I have an application that uses a Xpico 240 module as Serial to Wi-Fi bridge. The Xpico came with the firmware and recently I was informed that the new firmware was I would like to know what have been changed since, if some bug from Wi-Fi or Serial was found/fixed and its important to me to update it.

    It would be nice to keep an release history, like in the post bellow:

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    Here are the bug fixes
    MID1358 Bluetooth classic slave legacy pairing problem
    MID1357 Bluetooth Classic Slave simple pairing glitch
    MID1306 BT Slave: Bonded and Connected device does not show in status
    MID1354 gSPI unstable after upgrading module
    MID1103 No help available for server port service channel
    MID1317 SPP Slave : Master disconnected while sending data from network to
    serial and got "Undefined instruction"
    MID1315 SPP Master : Slave disconnected while sending data from network to
    MID1302 BT Slave: Failed to connect to xPico200 from windows PC(I see pairing
    request from windows PC but legacy pairing is disabled)
    MID1301 Failed to connect to second bluetooth device until a new scan is
    performed if first bluetooth device failed to connect
    MID1300 Failed to connect to CSR dongle
    MID1286 Add warning message for changes effect after reboot on SNMP agent and trap
    MID772 Cannot get BLE advertisement data
    MID1285 Webm times out after receiving SNMP trap (link up/down) Actons
    MID1275 SNMP agent is running when snmp state is disabled
    MID1236 SNMP: Help text for the read/write community need to be modified.
    MID1232 SNMP version is not in help
    MID1105 Sever port channel is truncated in tlog if value is >9
    MID994 VW Project (SMAVOO): xPico240 EAP-TLS timeout with DH file 4096 bit
    MID1251 SNMP walk shows incorrect system up time
    MID1253 SNMP write community command does not work
    MID1267 See continuous g_snmpTrap in snmp check: 1: messages in tlog
    MID1243 SNMP: snmp state and traps state is enabled by default
    MID1254 Read community values can be configured using command line arguments
    MID1239 Device crashed (FFFFFFFF Data abort at 004ACC02) when I typed tree
    command after creating recursive directory > 6 levels
    MID1219 Telemetry: Interface ap0 group is missing
    MID1224 Telemetry: ap0 clients connected is not displayed in mach10 cloud.
    MID1226 Telemetry: Status items are showing empty in all diagnostics Buffer
    Pools and threads
    MID957 Telemetry: Device build date unmatched
    MID929 Telemetry: Few of the "Diagnostic Heap" group parameters values
    doesn't change
    MID1196 bluetooth scan result command has no help available
    MID1136 Lantronix provisioning app does not discover xPico200(intermittent)
    MID1037 Hide statistics when tcp server is disabled
    MID709 BLE Peripheral: Large file provisioning failed through gateway
    provisioning app(No more heap memory)
    MID1053 Lines may be added/removed without corruption of config data
    MID1095 Send record_description a bit more descriptive
    MID1097 Include record_category in metadata
    MID1135 Tunnel waits reconnect time after fully disconnected
    MID1140 Fixes modbus disconnect when reading cp
    MID1179 Web Manager "results" text now wraps even with long words
    MID1181 Web Manager now hides LPD "Kill" when Line protocol is not LPD
    MID1162 XML import value indices
    MID1166 LPD hide kill when no connection
    MID1112 Mux UDP now unrestricted
    MID1150 LPD printing
    MID1154 LPD queue name change has immediate effect
    MID1155 LPD SOJ and EOJ configuration
    MID1157 LPD empty last and current connected now show <None>
    MID1159 Help for LPD test print action
    MID1099 Include record_possible_values for enum string