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xPico 250 Serial port issues

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  • xPico 250 Serial port issues


    So I successfully completed my project using the xPico Wifi. Now I have moved over evaluating the xPico 250. I had good results using the xjwlib.js on the older xPico Wifi
    however the same code (xjwlib.js) has some issues with the serial port.

    I have upgraded the xPico 250 to - using the 250 evaluation board.

    In order to eliminate obvious issues I have set the xPico 250 Line setup to be exactly the same as the older xPico Wifi but the issues remain. There seems to be something
    funky with the xPico 250 serial driver.

    When receiving data on the xPico 250 it seems to keep good track of the RX buffer and the data reach the web browser as expected.

    However it seems like when the xPico is commanded to transmit data (using the xjwlib.js) it seems to drop strings and having trouble receiving data. The problem seems to be
    related when data gets queued (buffered) on the transmitter.

    Now as I mentioned, the same code using xjwlib.js on the older xPico Wifi works perfectly and the older device seems to have very deep buffers and able to handle heavy loads
    extremely well - whoever developed that driver did a superb job.

    So the current status is that I will be unable to use the xPico 250 for now - help would be greatly appreciated.



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    Hi Frank,
    I'll send you an email so you can send me back your code and I can check if it's an issue with the JS Library or something else.



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      Hi Mariano,

      I originally tested this product - had some issues with porting my JS code to the web server of the XPICO 250 (please see previous postings) . What is the current status of the XPICO 250 or should I just abandon it?


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        Hi Frank,
        Can you send me the Javascript/HTML that you are seeing the lost data with? If I can replicate here, then we can see what is going on.