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ROM Upgrade Failed

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  • ROM Upgrade Failed


    I tried to make own module by using SDK and upgrade.
    And, now I faced the issue which fail to upgrade the ROM file.

    I used the Web Manager to upgrade ROM file.
    SEQ: "Device" -> "Firmware update" and select ROM file under /xPico200/work/xxxx. (Named xxxx_17.0.0.0R15.1.0.rom)

    After few minutes, displayed "ERROR: Upgrade failed."

    Upgrading xPico200_1.7.0.1R6.signed.rom is success with same sequence.

    Is there any advice??



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    The xPico 200 devices have Secure Boot to ensure that only signed firmware is loaded on the device, and that once you deploy your product using the xPico 200, someone else can't tamper with your device by loading unsigned firmware (or firmware signed by someone else).

    That means that you need to load your keys and sign your firmware. You can find the steps on how to do that here:



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      Hi, Mariano,

      About Secure boot setting,

      I got the signed public key and the macro file for TeraTerm(named send_loader_115K.ttl).
      And now, I try to send signed key to device's OTP memory.

      According to the SDK manual, but I failed to send the signed public key to device ...

      Q1. Manual says "6. Follow the prompts provided by Tera Term to send Manufacturing Test Loader to the device." .
      After selecting the macro file, Teraterm shows message: select the Prod Loader Lite file OK?.
      I select [OK], displayed file file dialog. What kind of the file should I choose??

      Q2. After seq-6, TeraTerm is displayed "Polling ..." message. I select the signed public key and send(with binary), but I seem to process nothing.
      Macro window shows [send to ...:35:recvln] and not stop forever. Is it a correct sequence?

      Q3. Should I change device line setting same as TeraTerm serial setting?




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        Q1: You should select the .rom file in c:\xPico200\lantronix\bin\ directory
        Q2: After the "Polling" message, it should ask you to reset the device while asserting the default line
        Q3: No, at boot time, the device bootloader matches what is in the Tera Term macro.


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          About Q1.
          A4. Should I save the signed key files in c:\xPico200\lantronix\bin\ directory?? Is it rule?

          About Q2.
          A5. I can't understand following message.

          Message: Assert the default line and reset/power on the board, release the default line once the file send is in progress.

          Especially, I can't understand following word; "asset and release the default line".

          Could you teach more detail about this message?
          I'm pleased to show the details for each action items.

          1 click the xxx
          2 file send
          3 reset device ...

          About Q3. OK. I understand.

          Regards, -D


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            The DEFAULT line is active low. Asserting it means driving it to ground. If you have the evaluation board, that means pressing the DEFAULT button. Releasing it means to let it float. On the eval board, you do that by releasing the button.


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              Hi, Mariano.

              I seemed that I could send the public signed key to the device thanks to your advice.

              And.. Where can I get the ltrx-signimage.exe? In SDK files under c:\xPico200, I can't find this.




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                Please download which includes these tools in the bin directory of the SDK installation. You can get that here:

                Make sure to backup all your code in the custom/ directory before running this installer.