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  • Custom installation file


    I encounter a problem when trying to create a custom installation file.
    First i can only create the file when i place all files in the device installer directory
    and also it does not respect the path i assign to the files.

    Has anyone experienced the same problem or am i doing something wrong?

    Best regards

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    I've just had exactly the same problem. The DI is designed for web files, so it wants to copy the files to a folder called 'http/config'.

    You can change the path that you want the file to be copied to on the XPort, but the path name must be relative to 'http/config' and the DI then wants to pick up the files from the same relative path your PC.

    Once you've built the .LXI installation file, it seems to contain all the source files, so there is no need to maintain the peculiar file structure on your PC (until you want to modify the installation).

    Another thing I've noticed with the DI: it can show all the files as 'failed' even when they succeeded.