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Question about .rom, .romz files

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  • Question about .rom, .romz files

    I just did my first build of the sslclient demo app on the XPort Pro running Evolution. I have two questions:

    1) There were four files created: xport_pro.romz, ssclient.romz, ssclient.rom, and ssclient.out. What are the differences in these files? Is this mentioned in any documention.

    2) I have not yet found any overview of XPort Pro and/or Evolution which describe topics such as file systems, memory partitions, threading etc. - basically a comprehensive overview of the O/S and perhaps how it relates to this platform. Does this exist in one or more documents?

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    As to your first question; the romz files are both the same just named differently. There is an "image_name" flag in the config.h file that determines what filename is accepted as a valid firmware file. By default it is xport_pro, so that's the file you use at first. If you change the flag, make sure your firmware filename matches or it won't accept it.

    The .romz is a g-zipped copy of the .rom file.