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Unable to connect to P&E Debugger

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  • Unable to connect to P&E Debugger

    I'm just getting started with the XPort Pro and am running:
    • Windows 7 x64
    • Evoluation SDK v5.2.0.0R20
    • Code Sourcery G++ 4.4.473
    • P&E Micro Drivers v10 (for Win 7 x64 support)

    Code compiles (after making change to xport_pro.ld file) just fine, however I'm unable to enumerate the P&E debugger devices when I'm following the manual and setting up the first debug configuration in G++.

    Also, the P&E tester utility Test_USB_ML_Hardware.exe shows no attached USB multilink devices.

    Any ideas?



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    [UPDATE] Can connect to device, but not with G++

    A little more digging yielded this link to an updated P&E hardware tester which did detect the device:

    However, this is still not visible from within Sourcery G++.

    Again, repro steps from within Sourcery G++:
    1. Run menu --> Debug configurations...
    2. Create New, move to Debugger tab
    3. Select "Debug sprite for ColdFire ELF"
    4. In "ColdFire Settings" tab select P&E Adaptor from drop down.
    Line below reads: "No devices found on this interface"



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      Just to close this thread out (and for future me) - I spoke with a Sourcery rep who advised that G++ wouldn't work with the P&E debugger on Windows 7 x64.

      The successful combination that is working so far is the latest Sourcery release (2009-09-36) and I used the P&E drivers found in the \Drivers\ sub-folder (beneath the Sourcery folder).

      I've had no luck with VMWare - it detected the MultiLink 2.0 device but did not detect the Windriver device and always showed the followed error: "gdb --version" when attempting to debug an application. So I'm back to a physical Win XP box!