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  • Cannot use standard libs

    The Sourcery G++ tools have their own GNU C libs, which contain several useful library functions. However, when I tried to include "stdio.h" I got a build error because of conflicts between the GCC library and the Evolution library. Is there a way to work around this so these other library functions can be used? This would be really useful, since there are functions in these libraries that are not in the Evolution library, and duplicate functions that are more complete. For example, the printf group of functions in the GCC library support floats, which the Evolution library functions do not.

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    Right, this is a problem.
    We could turn on the code generation for floats and release it as a Beta.
    Is there anything else specifically that you would need?


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      I took some time to think about it before responding. I'm doing a lot of string handling and conversions between strings and numbers. As long as the Evolution lib functions for string handling are fully functional, I should be okay. Are they fully functional? (No missing types, etc.)


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        Evolution stdlib

        Right, just the floating was removed from the sprintf. The reason for this is so the (large) floating point library does not have to be loaded.

        Regarding other functions, you should take a look at the header files to make sure that what you need is there.