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    I have two questions about setting up the IDE:

    Question 1:
    When first starting up the Sourcery G++ IDE it asks the user to specify a workspace. The Evolution SDK User Manual doesn't specify what to set this to. Should it be set to the Evolution SDK root directory (Evolution XPort Pro SDK v5.0.0.0.R14 in my case)? That would encompass all of the SDK as well as the samples directory. Is this correct? (I'm asking this because I think I made the IDE unstable by specifying a workspace totally outside the SDK's directory tree.)

    Question 2:
    I want to create a separate directory for my own projects, which is not in the Evolution SDK directory tree. For example, I want to have a directory under "My Documents" with various projects, all in their own subdirectories. These projects will all need to use the SDK files, so how do I create a workspace that contains both my source files and the SDK files? Or do I need to keep all my project files within the same directory structure as the SDK so that both are under the same workspace?

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    The workspace is the physical location (file path) you are working in. You can choose the workspace during startup of IDE or via the menu (File-> Switch Workspace-> Others). All your projects, sources files, images and other artifacts will be stored and saved in your workspace.

    You can create your own project location via File->New->C Project and uncheck the Use default location.


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      So, if I am building projects using the Lantronix SDK, then my workspace should be the Lantronix high level folder. Correct?


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        Usually that is the case. I setup my SDK project by specifying in other location , it also works.
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          Ah, but I just tried that and the IDE won't let me do it. I specified this as my workspace location: C:\Program Files\Lantronix

          Then I followed the instructions in Chapter 2 of the Evolution SDK User Guide for creating the Hello World project. When I got to Step 6 (Page 20), and set the location of the new project to
          C:\Program Files\Lantronix\Evolution XPort Pro SDK v5.0.0.0.R14
          I got an error saying I have a project overlapping an existnig project. See the attached screen capture for full details.

          It seems that if I specify a workspace that includes the Lantronix files, I can't create a project from within that space. How can that be? It seems counter-intuitive. I don't want a workspace that does not include the Lantronix files, since I need them to do builds for the XPort.
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            Usually I use the default workplace, which is in C:\Documents and Settings\jliu\workspace. and I specified my SDK project in my designated path. for example C:\cygwin\home\jliu\Evolution XPort Pro SDK v5.0.0.0.R14. It works well.