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Cannot get Debugger to work

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  • Cannot get Debugger to work

    After using Josh's suggestion to get the Hello World project to build, I am now trying to get the debugger to work. It keeps complaining that it can't cind source for config.c. I haven't found any such file and don't know what it is used for. Has anyone else had this problem? If so, how did you get around it?

    I've attached some screen caps to show the results of starting the debug session. (It is a zipped PDF file so it will conform to the forum size constraints.)
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    Do you have the hardware attachment for the eval board to allow you to do debugging?


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      Yep. I have the hardware. I finally got it working. Turns out I was starting the debug at "main" instead of "SDKMain". There is no source for "main" since that is part of the internal Lantronix code, so the debugger couldn't find it.