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Why do I need G++ Pro?

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  • Why do I need G++ Pro?

    Do I have to buy the G++ Pro or can I just download the latest Eclipse?

    Why do I need the G++ Pro?

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    You may not need CodeSourcery G++ Pro. The SDK is supplied with a commanline interface to cs-make which can build the modules just fine. If you want an IDE however, we recommend CodeSourcery's. If you already have Eclipse, then I believe you can get a plugin from CodeSourcery for the Freescale processor.


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      The most important feature of G++ Personal, over the standard release of Eclipse, is the support for the P&E USB BDM module (provided with the Evolution OS SDK Matchport Developer Kit) for hardware level debugging. This provides support for the Eclipse graphical debugger and code upload within the IDE. It is very useful and highly recommended. Be sure to use version 4.2.59 of G++ Personal, not the most recent release (for reasons described below).

      Absent that, you will need to download G++ Lite, version 4.2.47. The newer version of G++ Lite is not fully tested with the Evolution SDK and apparently has issues, as reported by another contributor to this forum. G++ Lite provides only the ColdFire compiler, as Garry indicated, with a command-line make tool (cs-make) that can be run with the Make files provided in the SDK. Without the benefit of the BDM module, however, you will be limited to printf-style debugging over the serial port or through an in memory log provided by the SDK, called a TLOG.

      That being said, if you don't have an existing editor that can run cs-make to build the SDK make files and parse the output, I would suggest downloading Eclipse and creating a "standard Make file project". Since the CodeSourcery compiler is derived from the GCC source tree, output parsing is natively supported. No plug-in is needed from CodeSourcery.

      The CodeSourcery folks release G++ Personal/Pro as a standalone Eclipse IDE, and do not currently work as a plug-in. This is something we have asked for, but I have no knowledge of any future plans to produce such a feature.


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        Can someone give me the link where i can download the freescale-coldfire-4.2-47-m68k-elf.exe file?

        I'm having a hard time finding it on the mentor graphics website...