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  • Where to download G++ lite

    I'm having a hard time finding the freescale-coldfire-4.2-47-m68k-elf.exe file on the mentor graphics site, does anyone happen to have a direct link to a location where it can be downloaded?

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    I've contacted mentor graphics, but they told me to go to and download it from there, unfortunately the freescale processor is not listed.

    I've contacted lanronix for further information and am awaiting their reply
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      This might be a bit of a problem...

      > In order to use this we need to have the g++ lite version 4.2.47 (file
      > name freescale-coldfire-4.2-47-m68k-elf).

      Thank you for your interest. That toolchain is no longer available. We're happy to discuss custom toolchain requirements with you.


      Nathan Sidwell - Director, Sourcery Services - Mentor Embedded


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        I seem to have run into the same problem. We recently bought a MatchPort b/g (without pro) and a MatchPort Demo kit.

        I would like to install the toolchain, but do not know what software is needed from codesourcery.

        Any ideas and suggestions are very welcome.



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          The MatchPort-bg (non-Pro) MP100x000G-0x is not supported on this forum. Custom development for the MatchPort-bg and other CoBOS based devices is in the forum LTRX-CPK on Yahoo groups.
          Contact your local Lantronix FAE to obtain the needed CPK License Agreement. Once executed, your FAE can send you the CPK Programmer Kit which includes the tool chain.


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            Impossible to find development tools for Xport-pro

            Hello Gurus,
            We developed our project using the XPORT-PRO with Evolution OS.
            At this point we need to develop an Http client writing a custom code.
            I already downloaded and installed the SDK but I have spent more than two weeks trying to find the tools to build (and debug) this code, to no avail. I have read all the posts in this forum relating to this, Lantronix Q&A, Mentor's forums, Google...
            Mentor's website does not provide the lite version of CodeBench for Coldfire, as pointed out in this forum.
            It seems a bad joke to have this hard time finding the development tools for a product that is supposed to support this from the go.
            We need to have these tools as soon as possible as this is hurting our deadline with our project.
            Any help pointing to the building tools for Xport-pro running EvOS would be greatly appreciated.


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              Has somebody figured out which toolchain to use for XPORT PRO development with EVOLUTION SDK ?

              We have been using Sourcery CodeBench IDE (version 2011.03-72), which does not link with the recent EvolutionXPortProSDKSetup_5_5_0_2_R5.

              Any help appreciated!