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  • Lantronix discovery

    I am trying to write something similar to the DeviceInstaller. What I want is to be able to detect a Lantronix device on my network. The documentation says:
    "The Query Port Server is a simple application that only responds to auto-discovery messages on port 0x77FE". I tried a telnet to that port, but could not get a connection.
    How do we query that port to check if there is a Lantronix device.

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    Good question. Let me check around here and get back to you with an answer.


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      I have an update for you on this question.

      We are going to create a new sample that demonstrates device discovery, and a document that describes the data format. What we have now does not apply to all Lantronix products and needs to be updated.

      I can't promise when this will be completed, but I will give you an update on the status by the end of the week.


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        Thanks a lot.


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          Just wanted you to know that we haven't forgotten about this post. I should be able to schedule some time next week to work on sample code for Lantronix device discovery.

          My apologies for the delay.


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            I have finally created the sample code you requested, demonstrating Lantronix Device Discovery. The sample code is attached to this thread.