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Serial communication w/o virtual com device

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  • Serial communication w/o virtual com device

    I?m familiar with unsing the xPort by using a virtual COM-Device (Windows for me) and it works perfectly even on virtualized servers or PCs.

    But now there is a new challange coming up, that is called 3 tier architecture. With the next major release of our ERP software, which is Dynamics Nav, there will be a so called application server as the middle tier, and with some 80 users there will be more than one physical server - and hopefully within the future releases there will be load balancing as well. That however means, that an application process will not be running on a certain physical or even virtual machine anymore and might even be moved dynamically during execution.

    Due to that I cannot see a virtual COM device as the solution witin such an environment, and would prefer to communicate directly with the xPort e.g. through a TCP stack. For the currently used communication with the xPorts through a virtual COM device I need a COM tool like SAX (Automation)anyway, since Dynamics NAV does no serial communication in any way. So why not leave that away and directly communicate with the xPort ...?

    The truth however is, that I have no idea, how to handle that, since I do application-programming (Dynamics NAV, VB .Net), but no system-programming.

    Does anyone have any idea for a direction to follow?

    thanks in advance


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    Pidi, if you are not using any special signaling (ie you are using standard RS232 communications with or w/o flow control) than you don't need to do any custom programming on the Lantronix end. Just set it up as a tunneling connection using a TCP socket connection.

    From your application you'll just open a TCP socket and write/read byte data. You can even do authentication or encryption if you want to.