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  • Replacing / Adding HTML pages

    I want to customize the XPort pro within a customerd device the way that the user interface on the broweser looks much more that of the customer other web pages. Therefore I would like to add HTML pages (also index.htm) to the xport. How can I do that? The original pages I would like to keep for extended configuration, because networking... is also needed with the new user interface...

    I tried to add a like in index.htm located under Evolution XPort Pro SDK v5.0.0.0.R14\sdk\xport_pro\www just for a test. I built the firmware uploaded, but the link does not appear. The firmware else is o.k. my sample application is running in background.

    What is the best way for such a need. Or do I have to build up all web pages via cgi scripts ????

    Thanks a lot



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    You can replace the built in index.html by creating it on the XPort in /http/config

    The approach that has worked best for me to get a consistent look is to download a copy of the OEM page and then edit the CSS file for the appearance and logos; and you can add links to the nav bar on the left by editing index.html.

    I like to use FileZilla and FTP all of my web files across.


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      The files under the www directory of the SDK are for reference only and are not part of the build. The default web pages are built into the evolution.lib library and are aways there and compiled into the ROM image via the lib file. We have implemented a file "shadowing" mechanism to allow customization.

      Here's the basic overview of how it works - When an fopen() call is made (by Evolution's web server), it first looks on the file system for the file. If it is there, that file will be used. If the file is not found on the file system, the ROM image is checked, and that file will be used if present. If it is not found in the ROM image either, an error is returned.

      The net result is that you can shadow the built in web pages by placing a file of the same name in the correct path.

      So specifically, you will need to take the index.html file from the www directory and modify it to suit your needs. From there you will need to upload it (using FTP) to the device into the /http/config directory. Note that you will likely need to create these directories first.

      Once that file is in place, accessing the web manager will show your changes. Note that the usual need to refresh your browser after modifying index.html will apply.

      CGI will come into play if you need custom processing of serial data, etc.