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Trouble building Hello World

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  • Trouble building Hello World

    I'm having trouble building the Hello World sample for the XPort Pro. I'm following the directions in the SDK User Guide, but I'm confused about the workspace versus the location of the project files.

    I created a workspace in this location: "C:\Documents and Settings\lantzr\My Documents\Sourcery Test Workspace".

    Then I created the Hello World project and set its location as specified in the instructions: "C:\Program Files\Lantronix\Evolution XPort Pro SDK v5.0.0.0.R14".

    The build location, as specified in the instructions, is: "${workspace_loc:/Evolution SDK Hello World/samples/xport_pro}", which I believe is in the workspace I specified.

    When I build the project I get the following errors:

    make: *** [helloworld.out] Error 1 Evolution SDK Hello World line 0

    error: no memory region specified for loadable section `.eh_frame' Evolution SDK Hello World line 0

    I have no idea where `.eh_frame' was specifed or why it is causing an error, but I suspect that the location of the workspace versus the actual project files may be contributing to the problem.

    So, should the project files be located inside the actual workspace, and why are these errors happening?

    - Bob

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    Joshjack post 20 on Forum of Evolution SDK->Tools will solve your problem.



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      Here's the link to that post: .eh frame issues. The problem is that you didn't install a supported version of CodeSourcery as per the directions. However the fix is very easy, just follow the instructions in my post.