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  • Problem FTP

    Hi, I'm a beginner of the devellopement in CGI.

    In fact, I have a matchport ar, I have followed the manual step by step, just for compiliing the "cs-make helloworld", and I use winscp in protocol FTP to update the firmware, I don't know if the processus has terminated or not, so I just test it by refreshing the inside webpage, just after a few minutes, it looks good, but I can't access to the FTP server anymore. And the ethnet looks not good too, becase I use "ping -t" , the result is very strange, every about 5 seconds, there is a pause who cause a timeout to ping.

    I have tried to update the firmware by the interne webpage, but it runs not

    How can I do to resolve it?

    And an other stupid question : if the compilation of "helloworld" and updating firmware are all good, how can I execute the application "helloworld" to test? is it by the URL ""?

    Thanks, and sorry for my poor english
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    Ok, first off you might want to read thru some of the other threads on here because many of the questions you've asked have been answered many times.

    Let me quickly answer the last question first: you DO NOT "execute" or "run" your hello world program. As soon as the device boots up the program is running. It starts execution at main() and goes from there. In the case of hello world it spawns a thread to print hello world over the serial port and then it finishes.

    For updates I recommend using the internal webpage and not FTP. You should use the firmware file named "matchport_ar.romz". At this point your best bet is probably to use the DeviceInstaller and do a firmware recovery to get it going again.



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      Thanks for your response, maybe in my post, it is not clear, in fact, I can't not update the firmware by the internal website. So is this the only way by TFTP?



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        If the internal website is not working your best bet is to do a firmware recovery using the serial port and the device installer software. Run device installer and press f8.