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  • Custommib Sample App

    I am trying to get to grips with the custommib.c sample application for the MatchPort BDM module.

    While I can get the code working on the device I have the following queries:

    How is the OID struct data encoded to represent the OID?

    I am using iReasoning's MIB browser(free version) to view the MIBs on the device, however I cannot seem to Set any. I maybe missing a MIB file Im not sure yet however do you recommend any free SNMP software for testing get/set of the MIBS for your Lantronix devices?

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    Take a look in evolution_snmp.h.
    The OID struct is just an array of BER encoded bytes, preceeded by a length.
    I personally use the mib browser from MGSoft - they have a free demo version.


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      Thanks for that,

      Is there available from Lantronix, a MIB for their Matchport BG/Pro ?