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MIME type for CSS files

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  • MIME type for CSS files

    Recently, I turned off internet explorer's compatibility mode by using a HTML header statement. Since that change, IE 9.0 does not use the given CSS files. I found out, that the HTTP Content-Type statement is missing for files with the ending ".css". The same problem shows up with the Lantronix management page.

    Here some steps to reproduce the problem:
    • use a XPort-Pro device with Evolution OS
    • upload the firmware "xport_pro_5_2_0_0_R20.romz" (version R22 shows the same behaviour)
    • call the page http://[IP]/ with Firefox/Chrome/Opera to see a well formatted page
    • call the page with IE9 displays the page without css styles! The web development tools of internet explorer say: Browser mode IE9 and document mode IE9. The console shows a warning: "SEC7113: CSS was ignored due to mime type mismatch". Using compatibility modes (IE7 oder IE8), the missing Content-Type is ignored and the page displayed.

    Using wireshark I monitored the HTTP traffic for the css file. IE9 requests the file and receives the content, but no MIME type:
    HTTP/1.1 200 Ok
    Content-Length: 10191
    What can I do to make XPort-Pro generating a Content-Type statement in the HTTP response header for .css files?

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    Beta fix

    This problem was noted and remedied in the Beta some time back. The latest Beta for the XPort-Pro is Please ask you Field Application Engineer for it.


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      Yesterday, I received V5.2.1.0 B8 and this issue seems to be resolved.
      Thanks a lot!