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  • CLI active on Line 1

    Is there a way to check if the CLI is currently active on Line 1. Following boot my code needs to test if the CLI was made active on Line 1 using the '!' key. It also needs to check when the CLI is closed.



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    Unfortuately, SDKMain is not run until after the "!xyz" access is exited. This is something we do deliberately to increase the probability that the command line will be accessible even when bad software causes a reboot. This means that your code won't be run soon enough to make a determination on the state of !xyz access.

    About the closest you could come to determining the state of the command line access is to use the "serial command mode" and "line" XML configuration records to determine if the line (serial port) is enabled for command line access. This will only tell you if the command line is automatically activated at bootup, not if it actively being used.


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      This will probably work for me. I need to hold a CP pin active (low) if the user enters CLI using !xyz. The CP pin should be low during initialization since I configure it as an output whether or not I actually enter the CLI. So now when SDKMain is called I can just set the CP pin to a 1.


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        Correct-O. The Integration Guide has a table which details all those jumpers / configuration banks. I'm glad you've tracked that down.