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Adhoc Network breaking

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  • Adhoc Network breaking


    We are using SDK V1.2.0.1R1. Lately the following problem occured:
    The Matchport b/g pro is set up to Adhoc Network and the Wlan-Link is configured to use only this network. If a connection for example to a laptop is established, it works fine. But if the laptop is shutted down for ca. 2 hours and then turned on again, the Adhoc Network can't be found. But we don't want to reboot the Matchport every 2 hours or less.

    Is there any line we have to include into the c-file which we use for the .romz? Or is there any command we must not use?

    We also noticed, that the subitem "Bridge" as well as the subitem "Roaming" beneath "Network-Network 2-Link-Configuration" on the "Lantronix Web Manager" page disappear after installing our own .romz.

    At the moment we included a reboot in the c-file, which reboots every minute if Wlan0 is "enabled" and the link isn't "link up". That works fine but it should not be the final solution.

    We would be grateful for every help!

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    Doesn't anyone have an idea about what could actuate this error?


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      There is no new release after SDK V1.2.0.1R1, which works for Matchport bg/pro, right?


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        There is a beta release of for the MP b/g Pro, which you can obtain via your Field Application Engineer.
        Erick Liska
        Lantronix Inc.