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my Webmanager not working

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  • my Webmanager not working

    I would like to develop a new cgi dynamic page on my matchport_bg_pro. I've tried the cgi sample given in the sdk installation directory.

    > cs-make cgi.
    All is good at this point and the result is a matchport_bg_pro.romz. When I deploy it on the device by using device installer or web manager
    all is fine until the device reboot. After that my webmanager not responds at all and the http://192.168.XX.XX/sample give me an error message.
    On COM9 serial(using putty) port I have some device log saying that callback is registered and device ready. But No way on webmanager and cgi request.
    Please what am I doing wrong ? Did I forget some steps in my build procedure or in device configuration...
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    restore WebManager

    I could see a '.' and should be removed
    cs-make cgi. <---

    download the latest firmware from:

    -- you should get your webManager back.

    I bricked once and got it back


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      Have you linked the project with the web library?
      i.e. using evolution_with_web.lib (not evolution_no_web.lib)