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Config without a reset line

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  • Config without a reset line

    Is there any way to enter the setup menu on the serial side of a Match Port without toggling the reset line.

    We have an application where we have used up all the I/O on the processor and have added a Match Port
    to the product. The processor is too busy with initialization to send the xxx within the 3 second limit.

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    If you can set the MatchPort-bg configuration of Active connect to Manual, then you can send a 'C'onnect command with a IP address ("C0.0.0.0<cr>"). This will put the MatchPort into command mode and you can read/write setup records and give a reset (RS) command.

    Even with Active connect set to Manual, the MatchPort can still accept incoming connections. You don't have to use the Manual active connect except to enter command mode. The Connect command will not work if a TCP connection is already active.