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Setting up HTTP secure login

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  • Setting up HTTP secure login


    I've been busy with the xport pro and would like to use a secure login for my webpages.

    I have one main webpage that that uses frames (left side is menu where the items link to a cgi page that will be displayed to the right side of the webpage.
    The menu and "frame site" are html files in the http folder of the device.

    In the lantronix config i setup the corresponding URI's in a different realm and create the login and password.
    When i open my website first i have to give the pass for the newly created realm, but then still i have to enter the main password (same as needed to acces the lantronix website).

    What should i do to evade this?

    Kind Regards
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    Interesting Slideshow => Solved problem

    I've had contact with support and they've sent me a sideshow indicating how to solve the problem and ways to gain more out of the xport pro.
    It's included so it might help others!
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