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  • FTP server

    I'm considering xPort pro for my project and I would like to know if there is a possibility to do following:
    - running a FTP server (xPort)
    - receive text file via FTP
    - pass / send content of the file to serial port in ASCII format without saving the copy of the file

    I would really appreciate if someone could help.

    Thank you very much

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    While I can understand your desire to send a file to the serial port, why FTP?
    Standard firmware allows you to connect to the XPort and send data directly to the serial device without any need for FTP. Simply, connect to port 10001, send your 'download' command to the serial device, then send the contents of the file. In the case you mention, I see no advantage to using FTP. Simply use a TCP socket connection.


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      Thank you for your post.
      Yes, you are right this could be a simple solution.
      Problem is that equipment which sends the file has only a FTP (client) capability and it can not be modified, therefore only way to send a file is to log onto FTP server and upload it


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        The XPP Evolution supports FTP to the file system. If there is space, you could stage the file there, then author custom firmware to push it out the serial port. Otherwise, you'll need to author your own FTP service using the SDK. Before investing time on the EVO SDK, you might look at the newer XPort EDGE as the SDK platform of choice.


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          Thank you for your answer and advice.
          I'll definitely have a look at xPort Edge.

          Thanks again and have a great day