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Custom AT modem response code on XPort Pro (Evo OS)

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  • Custom AT modem response code on XPort Pro (Evo OS)

    I have a project to upgrade a large number of legacy devices from dial-up modem to Ethernet.
    For speedy development and simplicity I chose to use XPort modules.
    There are three related, but different device types requiring slightly different XPort configurations.
    I have built prototypes and got two of the device types working successfully.
    However, the third device, in addition to receiving incoming connections, has to make autonomous out-going connections as well and it is here that I have run into a snag.
    The problem occurs because XPort Pro only supports the basic AT modem response codes.
    Specifically, when my device needs to initiate an outgoing connection, it first issues the ATV0 command which tells XPort to switch to numeric modem response codes
    EDIT: My original post was truncated at this point, so here's the rest:
    Xport Pro does so and responds correctly with 0 (meaning OK)
    My device then issues the dial command, e.g. and Xport makes the connection and then responds with 1 (meaning CONNECT).
    However, my device is expecting the more specific response code 10 (meaning CONNECT 2400 baud). My device therefore hangs at this point until it times-out and tries again.
    (Note: I have pre-configured XPort Pro for 2400 baud on its serial port).
    I cannot change the firmware of my legacy devices so I need to modify XPort Pro firmware to issue the more specific numeric response code. The only one I need for this project is 10 (CONNECT 2400) because connections will always be at 2400 baud.

    While I have extensive hardware experience, delving into the SDK to change XPort firmware is rather daunting to me.
    So I am asking for HELP PLEASE. Can someone generate an XPort Pro custom firmware to issue 10 instead of 1 as a numeric response code? I
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    The XPort-05 supports numeric response codes. If it must work on the XPort Pro EVO, contact your FAE / Tech Support and let's get a feature request in the system.


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      The XPort-05 (like the Pro) only supports the basic AT command set, none of the extended command/response set.
      Eg. "CONNECT 2400" or its numerical equivalent "10"


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        Okay, I'll submit a feature request


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          XPort-05 uses 0 & 1 when in numeric response mode. It is true that the command set is limited, but you also haven't said what AT commands you need.
          If you find something specific that does not respond correctly, then we'll consider it a bug.


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            Sorry Garry, I did not notice before but my original post got truncated because I used quotes or apostrophes. Sorry, still learning this system.

            I have edited my original post so hopefully it is a bit clearer now.
            I do not need additional AT commands, just a baud rate specific response codes.

            I started out using XPort-05 but it did not work due to this limitation.
            I then tried XPort Pro because it has a feature on the Modem Emulation page whereby you can add a Connect String to the standard CONNECT verbose response.
            (tried to insert/add attachment here but says I am not authorised)

            By adding 2400 to this field I got around the issue when in verbose text (ATV1) mode but it does not help when XPort Pro is switched to numeric mode (ATV0).
            A simple solution would be to add another field to allow users to enter a connect numeric response code to override the default value 1

            I hope this clarifies and thanks for your patience.


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              Ouch, sorry - back to the feature request.


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                Yes, I have submitted a feature request for XPort Pro but I'm not hopeful about how long that may take to be implemented, if at all.
                In the mean time, I was hoping someone may be able to do a hack job and just force the numeric connect response to 10 so that I can complete system testing and prove functionality.
                Once I can do that, I can proceed with getting commercial go-ahead to upgrade 700+ systems.