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System.out.println in a Java Applet

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  • System.out.println in a Java Applet

    Hello...I've built an applet that opens a tunnel through the Xport Pro to the serial device, as per the example in your "Creating custom web pages" knowledge base entry ( This seems to be working well so far.

    My question is, where do my println messages go? I've attempted to use syslog to forward syslog messages to a syslog listener I have, but they do not show up there. I've tried both System.out.println and System.err.println with the same result.

    Is there an easy answer to this. Actually a difficult one would be helpful too!

    I have the Xport Pro with Evolution loaded. Would also love to NOT need to get into the SDK if I can help it.

    Thanks! /Jason

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    If you are running the applet from a shell, then the output will go to the shell you invoked the command from. Otherwise it should go to whomever (whoever?) is calling it. In this case I believe it would be the browser.

    You might check into the debug features of your browser. Firefox's has the Firebug plugin, and chrome has built in developer tools.