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Single package with web and firmware upgrade

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  • Single package with web and firmware upgrade

    Is there any way to upload a single file the the Xport Pro that contains the web pages and a new romz file for the firmware?

    I need to be able to easily give upgrades to our customers who are low skilled workers. They won't have access to the default lantronix built in website and I would like to disable the ftp.

    The prefered method would be on the webpage have a file input form and post back a zip file and then programatically place the web pages in the correct file/folder structure using File I/O and then place the romz file in the correct place and initiate an upgrade. There are no examples on how to accomplish something like this or where to start.

    For a quick solution I wouldn't mind using the Device Installer with an lxi file but the device installer won't create folders that don't exist(just hangs and times out eventually)

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    Unfortunately we do not have a direct solution for this, and I'm not seeing any clever work-arounds either.

    The DI functionality you are referencing is specific to our CoBos based products like the XPort. It is not supported on any Evolution based products.



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      My one suggestion would be to use a script.

      1) Telnet to the device.
      2) Send a mini XCR to enable FTP. By send I mean that any XCR that is pasted into a CLI will be consumed and applied as configuration.
      3) FTP or TFTP the files needed.
      4) Send another bit of XCR to disable FTP, etc.



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        If the additions to the web manager aren't extremely large, could they be encoded as Base64 strings within the firmware and written out to the file-system? A quick read and check of the necessary files at boot time- if the files don't exist, write them out.

        It would require writing Base64 Encode/Decode routines and maybe a checksum function if you want to get fancy.


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          If you have FTP open, then you can write a simple .NET program to FTP all of the files to the correct locations, and then push the updated firmware over. EvolutionOS will detect the new firmware file, upgrade, and reboot.

          We do something similar for our initial config of "fresh" modules.