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Disabling Telnet CLI upon SDK entry.

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  • Disabling Telnet CLI upon SDK entry.


    I've been developing on the XPort Pro evaluation board on the latest SDK for a few weeks now with a lot of success. I've found the samples and documentation that Lantronix provided to be extremely helpful, but I have finally run into something I can't tackle.

    In order to provide a "secure device mode" for the XPort Pro where only SSL and SSH are enabled as configuration points of entry, I would like to stream in an XML configuration at boot time (the first few lines in SDKMain()) that disables the Telnet CLI.

    The SDK Command Reference (PN 900-558 rev.A Sept. 2009) shows:
    Group Name: "telnet command mode", Item Name: "state", Value: "disable".
    An XML export from HTTP XML page shows:
    Group Name: "telnet", Item Name: "state", Value: "disable".

    It seems like one of these may be wrong, but my experience indicates that BOTH seem to be wrong:

    I have tried both group names in both the XML import stream and the HTTP XML import page without any result (or errors in the TLOG). The import stream processes every group configuration except the telnet option. The HTTP XML import page says "Nothing imported".

    Is it possible that the Telnet CLI is not able to be turned off with XML? If so, why does it have an XML group?

    I have found that disabling the SSH CLI in this way also does not work, although that doesn't affect me.

    Thanks for taking the time to look at this!

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    XML groups "telnet" and "ssh"

    Bug 10324 was fixed in version The group names are now "telnet" and "ssh" working correctly.

    In previous releases, there were some places in the code looking for "telnet command mode" and "ssh command mode". Those releases were broken with regard to importing these groups.


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      Thank you very much for the prompt response. Perhaps an announcement of release in the New Releases forum? For some reason, I can't access very well compared with the rest of the internet. Probably due to some corporate router/filtering issues.
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        The FTP site has a version of the SDK under XPort-AR and matchmort-AR of

        Where can I find


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          Beta SDK

          Contact either your Field Application Engineer or our Technical Support. You need the SDK and product zip files for the XPortPro, version


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            Thanks! Got the file, now I'm all set.