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bindows free gauges doesn't work in IE8

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  • bindows free gauges doesn't work in IE8


    When I put the files needed to run the free bindows gauges samples (, I had an error in IE8, but it works ok in FireFox and Chrome.

    The error is related to the proccess of the responseXML method for the xml gauge file description.

    Does the bindows gauges is not supported by the evolution sdk to run on IE8?

    I have a XPORT-PRO with the EVOS SDK.

    More info:

    When we use the open('GET', 'somefile.xml', false) method from a XMLHttpRequest (ActiveXObject) with IE8 it always returns null within the responseXML. It doesn't matter what kind of xlm file we try to get, the result was the same. Instead, if we use FireFox or Chrome we can get the xml file correctly.

    Is the 'Content-Type: text/xml' header automatically generated by the XPORT to the HTTP request if we try to get a xml file inside the web server (not dynamically generated)?

    Thanks in advance,
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