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Add pages to existing navigation with AJAX

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  • Add pages to existing navigation with AJAX

    I am having a problem adding new pages to the existing system that uses AJAX. The existing system uses a link like this:

    var jsExists = window.cpmJS;                    
    return ajax_AddToHistory('CpmPinsPage', [true, 'pin=CP1' + (!jsExists ? '&cpmJS' : '')]);">
    This call has a function in the ajax_function.js file that looks like this:

    function ajax_CpmPinsPage(queryArray) { return"CpmPinsPage", queryArray); }
    When I try to add a new page that is generated through CGI, I get the link in the navigation system but the link doesn't work. Any code examples or suggestions would be helpful.

    Sean Steger

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    Samples for web

    Please instead look at the cgi.c sample code and also possibly at the wiportdemo.c sample code.

    The java and Ajax you are looking at tie into a lot of complex code that is not exposed in the SDK or supported at this time.


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      Maybe a simpler question, is there a way to simply link to the pages that come already embedded? I want to eliminate the use of AJAX and have a simple menu system and just want to link to the the existing pages.


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        Linking to existing pages

        Actually, there is an example how to do this that we give you in the SDK:

        Look at the "Host" configuration page with your browser. On the right is the help text area. Notice the link to the "Login Connect Menu".

        The implementation for this link is in "hostdef_conf_doc.html".

        You might be thinking, "How would I ever know to do THAT??"

        Next look at the file "index.html". It contains the JavaScript to reach each of the tabs in the product.