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Reset caused my memory?

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  • Reset caused my memory?

    I have a working program that is taking a bytestream off the serial port, reassembling the bytestream into a JPEG, and storing the JPEG on the http server.

    It works once or 2x then the lantronix reboots with reason code 0x10. Is that a memory or stack overrun problem? Is there somewhere we can find out what the reason codes mean?


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    0x10 indicates a watchdog reset. This can happen if interrupts are disabled for longer than the watchdog reset period, which is four seconds for most Evolution-based products. It can also happen if there is some kind of exception, in which case interrupts are disabled and the system waits for the watchdog to reset.

    The reset reason codes, for Coldfire-based products, are currently taken straight from the reset status register.
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    Erick Liska
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