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Re-configuring eth0 on-the-fly

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  • Re-configuring eth0 on-the-fly

    I am working on a project where I need to change the current IP address settings for the Mathcport AR "on-the-fly" but I havent found a way to do so.
    My current approach is to use the XML-configuration to change the settings but I havent found any way to re-initialize the eth0 network without having to reboot the device. Rebooting is not a feasible way for my application since the time the module takes to reboot is too long.

    My questions are:
    - Is there any API available to "re-initialize" the network without rebooting the device?
    - If the answer to the above question is NO - is there any way then to make the reboot of the device faster?

    Best regards,

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    No, sorry. Currently, changing the IP address requires a reboot. Dynamic network changes are currently on our todo list, but have not been scheduled for work.

    And, no, sorry, there is no way to speed up the reboot.
    Thomas Cook
    Evolution OS
    Lantronix, Inc.


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      Are you rebooting from within the software? How do you do this?

      - Bob


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        What product and version of the SDK are you using?
        Newer releases have EvolutionReboot() in evolution.h.



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          Hi Bob,

          I am using EvolutionReboot() from within my code.

          But my problem is that I cannot change the IP-address _without_ rebooting.



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            I'm using v5 Release 14. I saw EvolutionReboot in the manual but I wasn't sure if it caused the IP address to get applied, or if a hard reset was required.

            Thanks to both of you for the information. I'll use that and be able to apply changes to the IP settings that the XPort receives from its host processor. Fortunately for me the reboot time isn't a big deal.