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Retreiving and storing information on HTTP side

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  • Retreiving and storing information on HTTP side

    We are implementing a protocol on our matchport project that requires us to display a server's IP address. The IP address is reported in our C code.

    Question: how do we get that IP address reading from the C code to the HTML pages? If I want to change that IP address, or other data, how do I do that within the HTML pages?

    I'm trying to get information shared between the HTML and the C code, I guess is what I'm trying to say.


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    You would need to create a CGI application, which is bascially C code that executes when a particular URI is requested. You then have access to the HTML returned by the webserver, and can annotate it with the IP address.

    Assuming your are using the Evolution SDK (not the XPort AR SDK) an example is available in the SDK that demonstrates this process. It is called cgi.c.