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  • Filesystem status to front page

    How would I go about putting the available filesystem space on the front page so when the user opens the web interface, the filesystem available space is displayed.

    I know the first page is built via javascript and the filesystem page (fs.html) is built via html. How do I combine the two?


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    Web customization

    We support web customization so you can change the layout of information on the page. This includes the ability to hide information. It does not include the ability to add information that was not supplied by the device in response to the original page request.

    You also have the ability to add custom C code in the device to respond to additional URIs of your own design.

    In this case, you have the main status page and the filesystem status page. The device responds with different information to each.

    To get all of the information available to a single page, in theory you could write custom C code to supply all of the information you want, then use some combination of HTML and JavaScript to render it.