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Using Lantronix Encryption DLL with an XPORT-5

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  • Using Lantronix Encryption DLL with an XPORT-5

    Hi, first of all thank for your response. I am sorry about my english, it is not very good.

    I have an lantronix XPORT module, an I need connect this module with a PC in the side of the network and with a microcontroller in the serial side. I have the lantronix encryption DLL, and I test the VC_blockEncrypt function stand alone and it is work very good, also I test the Lantronix XPORT encryption option and I configure the key and the lenght to work at 128 bit. First I stablish the TCP connection between the PC and the XPORT and later I send 16 byte of IV and the rest of the data. In the serial side the information is encrypted !well done! but when I take this encrypted data an pass it over the function VC_blockEncrypt with the same parameter of IV, key and lenght not work the decryption. I dont know why, i dont know if the dll work only with CBC and the XPORT work with CFB128. I need now how decrypt the data send by XPORT and how Encrypt data to send to XPORT.

    In resume I need to make the next steps:
    1. Take a data in the PC and encrypt it.
    2. Send the encrypt data via network to the XPORT.
    3. Receive the encrypt data in the xport and decrypt it.
    4. Give the decrypt data via serial.