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Custom firmware on a XPort-03/04 X5

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  • Custom firmware on a XPort-03/04 X5


    Device Installer says I have a XPort-03/04 X5

    The Xport that I have was incorporated in a device made by Philips for their Dynalite Automated Lighting system to convert rs-485 to TCP.

    The firmware installed is a custom firmware (made by Philips) which is fairly old, which has two basic custom CGIs to send and receive via serial(rs485) to communicate with their protocol Dynet.

    I want to create a custom firmware to increase the abilities / functions of the CGIs. I gather I'll have to make the CGIs from scratch since the CGIs are built into the firmware instead of the available memory on Xport to store webpages.

    How do I create a custom firmware? Where do I start?

    Is there an SDK that would work for the XPort-03/04 X5?
    Can I create the custom firmware using Visual Studio 2015?

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    The XPort-03/04/05 are all CoBOS based. To write custom firmware for those devices, you will need the CPK (CoBOS Programming Kit). Windows command line based tools are provided. Contact you local Lantronix FAE or drop an email request with your address to [email protected] for more details.