The tools required to build and debug Evolution SDK applications require Sourcery G++ from CodeSourcery. Sourcery G++ is based on the GCC tools and is available as a free download in the form of the Sourcery G++ Lite Edition. The Sourcery G++ Personal and Professional Editions are also available for a fee, and provide integration with the Eclipse IDE for graphical editing and debugging. In addition to the features of the Personal Edition, the Professional Edition provides unlimited customer support.

The latest version of the Sourcery G++ compiler has not yet been validated with the Evolution SDK, so we strongly recommend you use only the versions noted below.

Soucery G++ Lite Edition
Version: 2007q3
File Name on the CodeSourcery Website: freescale-coldfire-4.2-47-m68k-elf.exe

Sourcery G++ Personal Edition
Version: 4.2-59
File Name on the CodeSourcery Website: sourceryg++-4.2-59-m68k-elf.exe

If your copy of the Evolution SDK was installed from the CD included with the SDK Developers Kit then a copy of Sourcery G++ Lite and Personal Edition (trial version) is available on the CD.