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    I'm starting to program XPORT PRO EVO
    I have installed Evolution XPort Pro SDK v5.2.0.1.R5 and Sourcery G ++, Lite

    In Evolution SDK Users Guide, pages 17 and 18, I compiled and uploaded sample examples.

    Then I created a new file on their site and wrote a simple example and after compiling the file I compiled it and lost it.

    I do not know how to create another file.c aned file.h and put it in the main file.


    The main file is called helloworld.
    This file was sent periodically to the hello world serial line.

    Sending to the serial line I write in another file (serial.c)

    #include "evolution_libs.h"
    #include "evolution_stdio.h"
    #include "evolution_http.h"
    #include "evolution_cli.h"
    #include "evolution_serial.h"
    #include "serial.h"
    // # includes "startup.h"

    Void send_to_serial (char * source_d, unsigned char only_dat) {
    *****SerialWrite (0, source_d, len_dat, true);

    I have created serial.h where the function is described:

    #ifndef SERIAL_H
    #defines SERIAL_H

    External void send_to_serial (char * source_d, unsigned char only_dat);



    / *!
    ** \ file
    ** \ addtogroup sample
    ** \ par Hello World: A simple Hello World sample.
    ** This sample writes Hello world out serial port 0 (Line 1).
    ** Using factory defaults, the serial port is configured at 9600, 8N1.
    ** The XML configuration and status record functions are stubbed out.
    * /

    #include "evolution_libs.h"
    #include "evolution_stdio.h"
    #include "evolution_http.h"
    #include "evolution_cli.h"
    #include "evolution_serial.h"
    #include "serial.h"
    #include "startup.h"

    Int SDKMain (struct command_line * commandline, struct http_server * httpServer)
    ****(Void) commandLine; / * To avoid compiler warning for unused variables * /
    ****(Void) httpServer; / * To avoid compiler warning for unused variables * /
    ****Send_to_serial ("Hello World! \ R \ n", strlen ("Hello World! \ R \ n"));
    ****Return 0;

    Compilation fails and I write to myself:

    Microsoft Windows [Verze 6.1.7601]
    Copyright (c) 2009 Microsoft Corporation. V?echna pr?va vyhrazena.

    c:\Program Files (x86)\Lantronix\Evolution XPort Pro SDK v5.2.0.1.R5\samples\xpo
    rt_pro>cs-make helloworld
    Linking helloworld.out...
    work/helloworld.o: In function `SDKMain':
    c:\Program Files (x86)\Lantronix\Evolution XPort Pro SDK v5.2.0.1.R5\samples\xpo
    rt_pro/../helloworld.c:28: undefined reference to `send_to_serial'
    collect2: ld returned 1 exit status
    cs-make: *** [helloworld.out] Error 1

    Files helloworld.c, serial.c, serial.h I have in the sample samples.

    I did not modify make file.
    Can you advise me how to fix this problem?
    Thank you


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    Hi Mirek,

    Did you check the make file?

    You can open make file in editor. In make file line 120, there is a "cs-make helloworld". You may need to include your "serial" there in order to include it into the build rule.



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      It appears you are manually building with the cs-make command; but I do not see that you actually included serial.c on the command line to be built.
      You included startup and helloworld, but not serial