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CP pins set for DTR.

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  • CP pins set for DTR.

    I am trying to set up an Xport Pro LX6 to replace a XPort XP1001000-05R. I need the DTR pin to go active low when a connection is established and I also need to use RTS/CTS. This is really easy on the standard XPort, but on the LX6 it is unclear how to achieve this configuration. I have set up DTR in Tunnel1->SerialSettings to "Asserted while connected". In line1->Configuration I have Flow control set to hardware, but what do I have to set in CPM to get this to work?
    Any help would be gratefully received as | have spent a whole day trying to work this out!
    "I find when in doubt I retrace my steps"

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    Go to CPM and enable Line1_Modem_Ctl_Out