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Editing sys values in custommib

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  • Editing sys values in custommib

    I would like to know where I can edit the following values in custommib as reported by SNMP;

    Name/OID: sysDescr.0; Value (OctetString): Lantronix Xport Pro V5.4.0.2R1 (07150997T6LESS)
    Name/OID: sysObjectID.0; Value (OID): .
    Name/OID: sysUpTime.0; Value (TimeTicks): 14 minutes 52 seconds (89247)
    Name/OID: sysContact.0; Value (OctetString):
    Name/OID: sysName.0; Value (OctetString): xport pro
    Name/OID: sysLocation.0; Value (OctetString):
    Name/OID: sysServices.0; Value (Integer): 79

    I have edited the config.h file but that did not make any difference.

    I have created my own custom MIB system based on the ciustomMIB example and would like my own enterprise number be displayed in the reported OID.
    Otherwise it all works very well. Thanks