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  • User Input Validation

    Looking for assistance in validating user input, to prevent memory leaks.

    Could you please provide max length, valid input types and values for the following xml configuration records:
    1. <configgroup name="device"> -> <configitem name="short name">
    2. <configgroup name="device"> -> <configitem name="long name">
    3. <configgroup name="interface" instance="eth0"> -> <configitem name="hostname">
    4. <configgroup name="interface" instance="eth0"> -> <configitem name="domain">
    5. <configgroup name="syslog"> -> <configitem name="host"> - Can this be either a ipv4 or a FQDN
    6. <configgroup name="snmp"> -> <configitem name="read community">
    7. <configgroup name="snmp"> -> <configitem name="write community">
    8. <configgroup name="snmp"> -> <configitem name="system contact">
    9. <configgroup name="snmp"> -> <configitem name="system location">
    10. <configgroup name="smtp"> -> <configitem name="relay address"> - Can this be either a ipv4 or a FQDN

    If there is a document that details the max length, valid input types and values for each xml configuration record, this would be helpful.

    Could you provide max length for the following in the struct email_send_params:
    1. pTo
    2. pCc
    3. pBcc
    4. pSubject
    5. pFrom
    6. pReplyTo
    7. pMessage
    8. pFile
    9. pOverridingDomain

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    Looking for an answer to this Lantronix??? If you are unable to provide a simple reply would be welcomed.

    A simple review of the EVO source code would supply these answers.


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      User Input Validation

      Sorry for the delay..

      We have requested the answers from our Engineering team.
      We should have an answer tomorrow


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        Still looking for an Answer?

        Anyone have an update on this??


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          Bump Again

          Seriously guys? Are you still supporting this forum, or even this platform? Should we be looking elsewhere???


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            Sorry for the delay.
            Short Name: 32
            Long Name: 64
            Hostname: 63
            Domain: 128
            Host: 128 (IP or hostname)
            SNMP: all 64 characters

            Email - the max length in the sample application is defined in email.c. Otherwise, the values are pointers to whatever RAM you have available.