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Reboot Lantronix by Java.

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  • Reboot Lantronix by Java.


    I want to run a firmware update using java language. In the configuration web page: Config/index_config.html there is the option to update new firmware. The option allows uploading the update file and then executing the update. The action of the html form that executes this action is: / imageUpload.

    <form method="post" autocomplete="off" enctype="multipart/form-data" target="hiddenFrame" action="/imageUpload">
    <input name="selectedfile" type="file" size="32" maxlength="255" value=""><br>
    <input name="iehack" type="text" style="display:none;" value="">
    <input type="submit" name="image" id="imageUploadButton" value="Upload" onclick="if (confirm('WARNING: Are you SURE you want to upload a new Firmware Image?')) { FileSystemMonitor(); return true; } return false; ">
    I would like to execute this same action by java language. It can be connected by telnet to lantronix or otherwise and execute that process. Can you guide me about it?

    I found in the Evolution SDK Reference manual the function progfweth <IPAddress> <fi lename>. Can you give me some examples or better references to use this function by command line, or by java directly ?.

    I found in this page:, another way to upload the firmware. But I can't find the destination file name for a Xport-Pro device. I'm looking in the Xport-Pro User Guide,, but it's non mentioned the Firmware Update destination file name anywhere. Can you give me some good information about it please?

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