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XPort-Pro i2c support?

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  • XPort-Pro i2c support?

    Does the XPort-Pro support i2c?

    When following the example code in the i2c.c file the first problem we encounter is the xmlCPConfiguration, as the cp instance 6 and 7 don't exist on the XPort-Pro we have set this to CP1 and CP2, but when loading the config we receive the following errors in the log:

    60 E tlog.c 408 lue name "type", got value "nonpio" at line 1. 00:00:09
    61 E xml.c 2623 ERROR: Failed reading cp group:I2C cp:1 00:00:09
    62 E tlog.c 408 Failed reading cp group:I2C cp:1 00:00:09
    63 E tlog.c 408 Failed importing XML file. 00:00:09
    64 E tlog.c 408 Failed XML import parsing. 00:00:09
    65 D rtc_ds1307 45 XML not processed! 00:00:09

    It looks as thou the nonpio type is not valid?

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    I2C not supported on XPP.
    That code was likely for the XPort-AR which was a different platform - but had the I2C pinned out.